Business Identity

Business Identity Design Services

Why your Business need A Business Identity ?

Each company has it's own individuality, a persona specific to the company alone.
It is very important to capture the ethos of your company and apply it into color palettes, typefaces and page layouts following your guidance. Even Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope or Fax Cover Sheet and of course the Logo, So that the brand recognition spread across all channels of communication.

  • Business Identity Design Features:

    • Logo: The symbol of the entire identity and brand.
    • Stationery: Letterhead, Business card, envelopes, etc...
    • Marketing Materials: Flyer, Poster, brochure, website, etc...
    • Products sold and the packaging in which they come in.
    • Apparel Design: Tangible clothing items that worn by staff.
    • Signage: Interior and exterior design.
    • Anything visual that represents your Business.