Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is the most effective way to market your Business online because it gives you the power of communicating directly with your customers. Not only can you inform them about your special offers and promotions but you will know their response immediately as well.

Email MarketingNewsletters or emails could be used for several reasons including selling products, specific calls to action (download, register, etc…) or simply for educating your customers about your products and-or services.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Increased website traffic. It’s a live communication. Immediate feedback. Specific targeted audience.

  • TabLP Email Marketing Features:

    • Responsive email template design include your company web colors and logo.
    • Send emails to targeted audience from our database.
    • Upload your client databases and target with specific emails.
    • Only the specific targeted audience will be receiving the email. No wasted clicks.
    • Measuring, Reporting & Recommendations.
    • TabLP provides result-driven email marketing services with customized campaign options. From initial design to measuring and reporting results we take care of all your needs.